Each week students are given homework assignments to complete on their own time. The very first week is just about getting students comfortable in the training facility from a perspective of thinking about the future. Shaking hands and saying hello is a simple thing to do. Within the next few weeks students are now engaging members to offer free sit-downs consultations and measurements. Learning functional fitness, safety, sales and client psychology will be done while doing homework assignments. We normally project 6 weeks of homework at a minimum of 8 hours a week. Homework can be done at IB Fitness in San Diego or any facility that the BreckenFit student has access to.



What is Functional Fitness?


When was the last time you pushed a car sitting down? As funny as that sounds, using a chest press machine mimics that movement. So unless you are going to play on the defensive line of a football team, there is no reason to isolate your chest muscles in this form other than aesthetic purposes. The reality is that most weight training machines were created during the body building era for aesthetic purposes. Most people love how the lean body of a boxer or tennis player look and never stop to think, why do professional athletes never sit on these machines at gyms? It is because most professional athletes have strength and conditioning coaches to train them for the FUNCTION of their sport.  More people have hurt themselves on exercise machines at gyms than those that have actually achieved their lean tight muscle goals.


Muscle does burn fat, keeps your bones and frame together, increases your metabolism, gives you energy, and vitality at any age. What daily task do you use your muscles for? Taking out the trash, unloading groceries, doing yard work, moving boxes, climbing stairs, playing with your children, and work? Your body performs functionally to complete these daily task and any other you are willing to give it.


Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle from lack of activity and age. Inactive people lose up to 5% of their muscle every decade. To prevent this people join gyms and lift weights. 40% of Americans have suffered a back injury at some point in their life.  Most Chiropractors will tell you that many of the back injuries they deal with could have been prevented if the individuals had a stronger core. There is not a machine that will mimic the movement of picking up a box to put it up on a shelf overhead. To execute this movement you must use your legs, arms, shoulders, back, and core muscles.  That’s some serious work done by the body operating as a unit to accomplish that task! Now imagine having to put 20 boxes ranging from 5- 20 pounds each on that same shelf? Most people were never taught to drop their butt down toward the floor, to contract their core muscles, and to keep their chin straight before picking up a heavy object. Now why do so many people hurt themselves? A FUNCTIONAL exercise to mimic this movement would be to squat/ pick up a 5- 25 lb. medicine ball or kettle bell and press it overhead.


FUNCTIONAL Fitness is the most effective and efficient form of fitness for non-athletes and athletes alike. All functional exercises can be modified for any individual regardless of age, fitness level, or injuries. There are many effective forms of FUNCTIONAL fitness to target lean muscle building, fat burning, and mobility. FUNCTIONAL equipment includes but is not limited to the following: Kettle bells, TRX, medicine balls, thera bands, bosu balls, balance trainers, and most free weights.


A great FUNCTIONAL fitness program will be centered around the core muscles, keep your heart rate elevated, incorporate body weight, and Olympic weight lifting. Interval FUNCTIONAL training can burn up to 1,200 calories an hour. Every individual should strive to learn and incorporate FUNCTIONAL fitness into their workout regimen at least 2- 3 times a week with professional assistance.


Functional Fitness is fun, effective, and keeps you interested with thousands of great exercises that will make you stronger and more prepared for everyday life. Our bodies adapt to any strenuous activity after only 14 days. Most people know this as the dreaded plateau after starting a fitness program! When your body is kept guessing with functional fitness, you prevent plateaus, and get results.

Josh Breckenridge 2016


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