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Trainers that can’t sell will starve. Sales and marketing training is a must. Club Business International magazine posted an article in September of 2015 stating, “Trainers are seeking MBA smarts to have an edge to win in a competitive personal training and fitness industry.” Our students are usually able to comfortably sell and market themselves after only 3 weeks in the program. Social media, local businesses and schools are untapped markets for trainers that have the BreckenFit group training and functional fitness training experience. We teach low to no cost marketing techniques that lead to a guaranteed increase in cash flow. We teach trainers to understand and setup EFT monthly bank taps. BreckenFit trainers are top producers wherever they train.



BreckenFit: Sales 101


Selling is relationship building. I believe that a sale is made every day. Every day I must sell my wife on how good of a husband I am, I must sell my children on how much I am a loving and caring father, I must sell my employees on myself being a trusting and supportive leader. People fear sales because they don’t know who they are and what their true passion is. You can’t fake the funk they say. I believe that is true when it comes to dealing with people. Everyone has a natural built in bull crap meter, it’s not good to be fake, and it’s definitely not good to pretend that you care when you really don’t.

The sales process starts before the hand shake and the introduction. The sale starts when you wake up in the morning. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? If you are not sold on what you see, how do you expect to sell? I’m not talking just talking about physical characteristics, I’m talking about confidence in who you are as a person and living for your purpose daily. Even if you are selling cleaning products door to door and you hate it. What is the purpose? Is this just a temporary job to get you through school? Are you working your way to a higher position in the company? Is the job needed to gain experience? When you have these questions figured out and you are focusing on these positive results daily, you will sell! The potential customer will see it in your body language before you even shake their hand. I believe too much sales training is focused on selling products and not the individual who is doing the selling.

Good personal hygiene and a nice smile is mandatory, cologne and a breath mint is always nice have when speaking to people. Have you ever dealt with a bad smelling sales person? I bet you wanted to get the heck out of there the first chance you got and not want to invest anymore of your time or hard earned money with that person. Connecting with a potential client is extremely important. Being yourself is what’s best when trying to connect, remember we are relationship building, not selling. Asking about someone’s occupation is a great way to break the ice. A compliment about a persons, shoes, clothes, or fitness works wonders when first meeting a potential client. I like to acknowledge an individual’s child if they have one with them, because I like when people acknowledge mine. I will never forget about a sales lady that I worked in a gym with some years back. She was about 40 years old in amazing shape. Her icebreakers were amazing! She had a huge smile and would always make people feel good with a compliment about their shoes, shirt, hand bag, or smile.

Take your time! Slow is fast and fast is slow with people. Relax, don’t talk too much, ask open ended questions, and not yes or no questions. If the potential client is talking, they are buying.  Have you ever been on a date where the person didn’t talk much? You tried and tried to get them to open up to no avail. No sale was made that night I guarantee! Remember to put yourself in the person’s shoes. Why are they not opening up? You need to keep fishing with different bait to get a bite! Fishing also takes patience. Don’t push and never just give up on a closed person that will not open up with you to get a sale.

Questions are the key. When asking questions, ask yourself first? What answers would I like this individual to give me to execute my objective? If I am showing a house to someone I would ask them why is owning a home important to them? I would like to hear that the individual is looking to start a family soon and now he is prepared to settle down. I know by this answer that this person is serious and time is a virtue. Based off of his answer I can also connect emotion to the value I am trying to build in this home, nice area, schools, beautiful yard, ect.

In the case of fitness we are dealing with emotions almost 100% of the time. So many emotions are tied to a person’s physical goal. Think about some type of emotional scar that you have tied to your appearance, strength, athletic performance. I remember a time of being an embarrassed skinny kid that didn’t want to take off his shirt in front of a few big muscular guys that were being ass holes. Guys tell me they feel embarrassed like that often when it comes time to take off a shirt! For a lot of people the scares and emotions run a lot deeper when it comes to people and their physical goals. Most of the time they never even realized it until they spoke to you about it. So getting people connected to their goal will get them committed, not to just the sale of the moment, but to the life change in general. When people don’t connect emotion to their fitness goals it is very easy for them to lose focus and fall off. We have to ask Why Why Why? Why is this goal important to you? Why have you failed in the past? Why is failure not an option this time? People will sell themselves if you help them. Get them to tell you how little they know. Get them to tell you that they have failed 100 times in the past. Get them to admit they need help. Encourage them to believe and commit to themselves, not just joining my gym or buying my training.   Show people you care, break down the barriers, build rapor, don’t talk to much, believe in yourself, and most importantly love what you do!


Josh Breckenridge.


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